Friday, September 28, 2012

Stitch Fix: Box #2!

I shared briefly about my first Stitch Fix experience here.

Well, I decided that I could plan for one Stitch Fix per season, so here's what I got in my fall fix!

Even though I'm frowning in the picture, I actually loved this top.  It was very comfy and fit well, and I loved the colorblocking.  However, it was $88.  Way too much for me to spend on one top.  I'm hoping I can DIY something similar, using strategies similar to my t-shirt dress, perhaps.

The sleeves were way long, but I kind of liked the scrunched look.

The sweet necklace that came in my box.  I absolutely love it - so cute!

I decided to keep the necklace ($33) and have been wearing it often already!

Next up - this weird blouse for $70.  I wasn't sure about it at first.

It's a hi-lo style, so it's long in the back.  The longer I had it on, the more I liked it.  Not my typical style, but part of the point of Stitch Fix is to help you break out of your style shell!

I wore my next two items together - this bright blouse and blue cardigan.  I loved how they looked together.  The cardigan would've been a great piece for my wardrobe, but since it was $64, I figured I could get something similar much cheaper at a local store.

Here's the blouse by itself.  It was way too big and flowy untucked, but I'm not sure it looks great tucked in, either.  I'm still learning how to tuck in shirts properly without feeling like I'm in the 80s or 90s.

Here it is untucked.  Simply too big - I needed a smaller size.  So, although I loved the style and colors of the shirt, I did not buy it for $65.  Also, since this is my fall fix, I didn't really feel like investing in a springy blouse.
I belted the blouse later and liked it even more.  However, I still didn't think it was worth the investment.  It did open my eyes to this style that I wouldn't have tried before.
So, lesson learned: Stitch Fix may be too expensive for me.  This is where you can help!  If you click here (or any of my other Stitch Fix links), you will be using my referral ID to sign up and I will get a $25 credit!  (Then you'll get your own link to give out to family and friends so you can get your own credits.  Win/win!)

On the other hand, I have found one item in each of my fixes that I've been able to keep, so I may try it again this winter, even if I don't manage to collect any credit.  We'll see!  If nothing else, it's fun to try on expensive, stylish clothes that I wouldn't have picked out myself!

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