Friday, September 28, 2012

Stitch Fix: Box #2!

I shared briefly about my first Stitch Fix experience here.

Well, I decided that I could plan for one Stitch Fix per season, so here's what I got in my fall fix!

Even though I'm frowning in the picture, I actually loved this top.  It was very comfy and fit well, and I loved the colorblocking.  However, it was $88.  Way too much for me to spend on one top.  I'm hoping I can DIY something similar, using strategies similar to my t-shirt dress, perhaps.

The sleeves were way long, but I kind of liked the scrunched look.

The sweet necklace that came in my box.  I absolutely love it - so cute!

I decided to keep the necklace ($33) and have been wearing it often already!

Next up - this weird blouse for $70.  I wasn't sure about it at first.

It's a hi-lo style, so it's long in the back.  The longer I had it on, the more I liked it.  Not my typical style, but part of the point of Stitch Fix is to help you break out of your style shell!

I wore my next two items together - this bright blouse and blue cardigan.  I loved how they looked together.  The cardigan would've been a great piece for my wardrobe, but since it was $64, I figured I could get something similar much cheaper at a local store.

Here's the blouse by itself.  It was way too big and flowy untucked, but I'm not sure it looks great tucked in, either.  I'm still learning how to tuck in shirts properly without feeling like I'm in the 80s or 90s.

Here it is untucked.  Simply too big - I needed a smaller size.  So, although I loved the style and colors of the shirt, I did not buy it for $65.  Also, since this is my fall fix, I didn't really feel like investing in a springy blouse.
I belted the blouse later and liked it even more.  However, I still didn't think it was worth the investment.  It did open my eyes to this style that I wouldn't have tried before.
So, lesson learned: Stitch Fix may be too expensive for me.  This is where you can help!  If you click here (or any of my other Stitch Fix links), you will be using my referral ID to sign up and I will get a $25 credit!  (Then you'll get your own link to give out to family and friends so you can get your own credits.  Win/win!)

On the other hand, I have found one item in each of my fixes that I've been able to keep, so I may try it again this winter, even if I don't manage to collect any credit.  We'll see!  If nothing else, it's fun to try on expensive, stylish clothes that I wouldn't have picked out myself!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

DIY Women's T-Shirt Dress!

Here's the project I made for September's Upcyclers Creativity Challenge.  Check out my August post, which also includes links to all the previous challenges that I have participated in.  Here is the description of this month's challenge:  "for this month the medium will be a t shirt. You can use any and every part of the t shirt. Nothing is off limits here. :)  There are so many things you can do to upcycle a t shirt, and I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!"  

Here are the shirts I gathered for my project:
Some old shirts of mine, a garage sale find, and a couple thrift store scores.
I combined two pins that I have been looking at for a long time to create my project.  I'm so happy I had an excuse to realize them!  The first was this one, an adorable upcycled little girls' t-shirt dress, that I wanted to make in an adult size.


The next one was this one, a super cool and modern dress from Anthropologie.  It was originally priced at $268, yeah RIGHT, so I was convinced to find a way to DIY it.  (It's on sale for $69.95 now, which is a huge improvement, but still out of my budget.)  I can't figure out how to post the picture of that one, but click here to check it out.

So, I wanted my dress to be a little more grown-up than the kiddie one, but I didn't have the right supplies to make it as uniform as the anthro one.  I basically used the tutorial for the kid dress, so follow that one if you want to make something similar.  I kept my seams on the inside though, to make it look a little more finished.  I started off with an tee of mine that had a polo style top that fit well, but it was kinda tight in the belly area, so I didn't wear it often.  I cut it just below the buttons.  Then I cut some wider strips in colors that went together from a few other old t-shirts.  I used another dress I had as a guide for the width and length (don't forget seam allowances - I almost forgot).  I wanted some with some unique designs on them, to look a bit like the screenprinting on the anthro dress.  I sewed the strips together (first a panel for the front, then one for the back, then sewed up the sides.  Finally, I attached it to my cut-off top shirt.  Here's the result:

Comfy and fun t-shirt dress!
Cost: about $3!

Keeping it cozy with a white hoodie.

Dressing it up for fall with a black cardigan and boots.
 The back of the dress is just other parts cut from the same shirts, but without the screenprinting.  To be honest, I almost like the plain colorblocking (without the printing) better and if I even make another dress, I'll probably just use plain colored t-shirts.  Overall, I'm very happy with it and looking forward to wearing it often!

Check out Team Upcyclers and check out everyone's entries (which will be posted around the end of the month) on the Upcyclers Creative Challenge Board.

Thursday, September 13, 2012


I recently decided to participate in a challenge by Tricia at Upcycled Stuff.  The challenge combined upcycling and sewing (in honor of sewing month, with is apparently this month!).  You can read a summary of the challenge here, but it basically involved Tricia sending out packets of "garbage" to the participants, who in turn had to create something out of the contents.  And it had to involve sewing.

My packet contained a comic book, some Target bags, and some aluminum flowers!  Yikes!  I made a super fun garland out of my items - Tricia did a write-up here - please check it out!  Also, feel free to follow her blog to see everyone else's entries within the next few weeks.

Here are a couple pictures:

Garland close-up.

Happy fun colorful garland!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fun Fashion Finds! (part 2 of 2)

I am finally getting to completing my fashion finds post that I started here.  This time I took pictures outside with my full-length mirror in hopes of some better quality shots, though I'm not sure they're much better than the first post.  Anyway, here are the rest of my finds!

This outfit represents my most recent finds!  I snagged these capris on clearance at vanity.  I think they are always supposed to be rolled up, but when they are rolled down, they come right to my ankles, so I definitely plan on wearing them with flats this fall and boots this winter.  The jacket was a Gordman's find and an investment piece for this winter.  It looks classy but is super comfy because it is made of sweatshirt material.  The t-shirt was a thrift-store find from earlier in the summer and the shoes were on clearance at K-mart last fall.

Dressing it down with some comfy shoes from DSW.

I found this dress on clearance at Forever 21.  It was $15, but they were having a buy one get one free sale, so really it was like it was $7.50.  I paired it with the coral shrug and sandals from my first post.  I also got this belt from Forever 21.

Dressing it up with heels that I got on clearance at Target about five years ago.  (p.s. I'm only five feet tall, and I think this dress is kinda short on me.  Forever 21 probably isn't the place you want to shop if you're tall or even average-sized.  Unless you like your dresses really, really short.)

The other half of my BOGO Forever 21 deal.  It was on sale for $10, so it was really like getting it for $5.  I used the same belt and a Target cardigan from a few years ago.  And some clearance sandals from Gordman's.

Close up - I made this orange necklace - super easy and I love the pop of color it adds.

Back in the capris and sandals with another thrift top that I got for a dollar.  It was originally from the Gap and I plan to wear it under cardigans and jackets this winter.

My last fashion find!  Another $1 top from the thrift store!  I'm loving the polka dots and have been wearing this like crazy.  It is from Heritage 81 and I'm not sure what store carries that brand - Forever 21 again?  H&M?  Not really sure, but I love the top.  However, it either shrunk or is also made for a short person.  I couldn't wear it if it was much shorter.
The end!  I'm not sure if I'll be writing about fashion anytime soon because I need to keep my clothes budget in check.  Well, except that I have another StitchFix coming soon, so I'll try to write about that at some point.  And, I have a clothing item planned for my next Upcyclers Creativity Challenge, so more fun clothes are on the way!  Yippee!