Wednesday, August 29, 2012

DIY Baby Boy Gift!

As promised, I'm here to write about the gift I made for my dear friend who is having a baby boy this October.  The first part of the gift was a tie onesie!  This is definitely not my original idea - just google "tie onesie tutorial" and you'll find tons of instructions.  I didn't use a tutorial because my boyfriend's mom taught me how to make them.  I just picked up some plain white onesies in different sizes and some fabric with cute-looking designs.  Note: I bought 1/4 yard of each color and that was WAY too much.  All you really need are a couple scraps.  Don't be silly like me and buy new.  If you don't have any scraps, I'm sure you can find some cute, inexpensive pieces at your local thrift store!  That's my plan for next time.  Anyway, here are the finished onesies (please don't judge my sewing ability; it's not my forte):

Plaid tie (ignore the distracting background).
Close-up of the plaid tie.

Striped tie.

Different placement of the stripes.

Close-up of the stripes.
I got a basket to pack them in - but had to get a few more supplies first.

I stopped at Target and got a few burp clothes that my friend had on her registry.  I also brought some tissue paper from home, and picked up a few fake flowers.  I rolled each of the items into a tight roll and taped them closed.  Here's what it looked like after everything was arranged in the basket, modeled after a gift basket I saw for sale but figured I could make myself:
A baby boy flower basket!

Another view.

Close-up of of the "flowers."
This gift was a hit at the baby shower!  And it was fun to make - I loved combining something handmade plus something off of her registry into a pretty gift basket!


  1. Thanks Stacy!! Ummm.... don't make any for your baby okay? :)

  2. Don't worry, Sarah, I am about done making stuff for my baby. I am just finishing his name to hang on the wall and then I think I am done. I might make him a stuffed animal for Christmas, but otherwise, I am not making anything other than what I have shown you already! We need to catch up sometime...give me a call when you have some time! I cut something out of the paper the other day that you would find very interesting! I should scan it for you!

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  4. Oh good, Stacy! I can't wait to find out his name!! I'll try to give you a call sometime soon, but I would love to see what you found in the paper!