Friday, August 3, 2012

Craft Sale Fun!

I've done a few craft sales, but I have to say they're not my best market at this time.  I prefer being able to sell my things on Etsy and make my own schedule.  However, when I was asked to participate in a 3-hour event in my home town that was geared toward my target market, I decided to go for it.  It turned out to be a really fun event, including lots of shopping, food, music, etc.  The only real negative was that the heat was sweltering, so thankfully it was only three hours long.  Here are a few pictures of my table:

My table.

Recently built this display for my license plate art.


Another view.

Colorful picture frames.

The sale was a success, in my opinion!  I was able to network with lots of local people and made a small profit!  Also, it forced me to make some more items so I'll be able to stock up my Etsy shop soon!  (If there's anything you want and can't find it in my Etsy shop, just contact me directly and I'll get it figured out for you!)

It also forced me to think about my display options and I ended up making the pallet display for my license plate art (ok, with a lot of help from my boyfriend).  It was actually really easy to make - I'm hoping to do a tutorial eventually, because I think it would be a great display for pictures at home as well!

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