Friday, July 27, 2012

Upcyclers Creativity Challenge: July!

Every month, Team Upcyclers on Etsy has a creativity challenge.  I explained it when I wrote about the first challenge here and here.  Here's the description of this month's challenge:  "The challenge for this month is a drain spout."  "To make this easier I will take entries consisting of any metal construction waste that is generally pipe shaped. Cans will not be accepted, although a stovepipe would."

I'm going to admit up front that my awesome boyfriend helped me out a lot with this challenge, from the idea to the construction.  He's a huge contributor to my shop and you can see his cute face on my about page.

On to the pictures!
Old well pipes that have been laying in the yard for years and years.
I learned to use a bandsaw and started cutting down one of the pipes.

All the cutting done!
I had some trouble cutting straight and even, but it's done.
Can you guess what it is?

I learned that the pipes are so heavy, they barely move in the wind.

We added extra windcatchers (made from license plate scraps!)
to try to get them to move in the wind a little more.

It got too late and dark, so I took an indoor picture too.

Close-up of the license plate windcatchers.

This project was definitely a learning experience but was lots of fun!  I love learning to work with new materials and stretching my creativity.  Check out everyone's entries within the next few days on the Upcyclers Creative Challenge board.


  1. Oh great idea! Love the windchime!

  2. That's some heavy duty upcycling! And what a cool idea....awesome!! : )

  3. I loved learning about the process you went through and how you found a solution with the addition of the windcatchers—extra creativity points! Cutting through thick metal would intimidate me!