Thursday, May 24, 2012

T-Shirt Scarf/Chunky Necklace

I few weeks ago, I attempted to make this pin.  It was for a cute and easy t-shirt scarf, like this:
This photo is from the original tutorial - found here.
I was loved the idea of a bright yellow t-shirt scarf for spring/summer, but I planned to make it even easier by wrapping the ends in a strip of the fabric from the shirt, rather than the leather and jewels and whatever else they used.

Well, apparently I bought the wrong kind of t-shirt at the thrift store, because after I made the cuts and started stretching the fabric, it did not start curling up on itself all soft and cute like in the tutorial.  It just got longer and weirder and shedded tiny yellow fabric dots everywhere.

But, I wasn't giving up.  I decided to braid the pieces to make my own version of the scarf.  The pieces were so long at that point that I had to wind them up and clip them together with a hair clip so they wouldn't get tangled on each other.  It didn't turn out quite as I had hoped, and I'm not sure if it is a scarf or a necklace at this point.  The first time I wore it, it continued to shed yellow dots all over me, but now it's getting better.  Anyway, here it is:
Yellow braided t-shirt scarf/necklace.
 Not exactly what I intended it to be, but I still like it!  On the plus side, it worked just fine to wrap the back part with a scrap of the yellow fabric.

I may try the original idea with a different t-shirt in the future!  Or I may just keep working my way through the multitude of pins that I want to try!

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