Sunday, May 20, 2012

After Pictures: Walkman Purse!

I finally finished my walkman project!  See my before pictures and inspiration in the post below.

I made a purse!  In my mind, this would be really easy - gut it out and done.  However, it turned out to be a bit more challenging than I expected.  My lovely boyfriend helped me with some of the logistics and with running some of the tools.  Rather than try to explain it, I'll just go to the after pictures:

Shoulder bag- holds business cards nicely.
Also credit cards and cash.

And it's adjustable - crossbody size here.

I found a weird belt at a thrift store that I re-fashioned into the strap.

After gutting it, I lined it with some neoprene scraps to cover ragged edges.

The hardware to hold the strap was the only thing I had to buy new.

Sadly, I had to take off the NKOTB sticker to get it apart and alter it.

But 1989 Nichelle remains.

A secret compartment - originally for the batteries.
Now it's great for rolled up bills, spare change, or keys.

The buttons had to be glued in place, but the orange "pause" still moves.

Full view of the purse.


It opens and closes manually with this tab.  Definitely stays closed securely.

The strap is even removable, so a ribbon can be added
to make it into a walkman wristlet.
I had originally hoped to sell it in my shop, but it is a bit of a prototype with a few mistakes along the way, so I'm going to hang onto this one.  I wore it out today and already got a few compliments!  Such a fun accessory.  Thanks so much to the Upcyclers Team for the inspiration!  If you want to see everyone's creations, they will be pinned here: Upcyclers Creative Challenge Board.


  1. That turned out AWESOME! Love it!!

  2. Great idea! It is such a fun and unique accessory. My favorite kind. :)

  3. Yay! It turned out so cute! Great idea.

  4. Thanks all!! It was really fun to make and I plan on using it all the time!

  5. Oh my! Great news! I was initially kind of bummed because my "secret compartment" (i.e. battery compartment) wouldn't hold a tube of chapstick like I had initially hoped. However, I showed it to a friend last night and she happened to have one of those slim tubes of chapstick with her - I believe it was the softlips brand. And it fit just right! Very exciting (to me).