Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Long Weekend Fun!

I didn't have any big travel or party plans for the long weekend, so I had the opportunity to work on lots of projects!  At one point, I had four projects going at once:

Measurements and folding lines ready for the six-pointed star!
My other stars are five-pointed - this was a custom order.

A little early in the season?  I don't care -
I have a bunch of Scrabble ornaments ready to go!

"Love" license plate sign in progress.  Clamping the wood together
before trimming for size and attaching the letters.

A couple of picture frames I found at a garage sale -
being painted pink.
I am proud to say that I got three of these projects finished!
Six-pointed star: California-bound!

My favorite ornament: "love."
I listed this and a few others in my Etsy shop for early shoppers.

"Love" license plate sign.  It turned out so cute I kind of want to keep it.
But - it's listed in my Etsy shop as well.
The pink picture frames still need a little more paint - lots of weird angles to get into.  I think they would be super cute props for a wedding reception photo booth.  Or a photo prop for any reason.  Or for just hanging on the wall.

It's so much fun to complete projects!  Anything exciting and new any of you have been working on lately?  Leave me a comment!

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