Saturday, April 21, 2012

T-shirt redo!

I tried out another pin today!  I had an oversized t-shirt that I won playing bar trivia, but I never wore it because it was way too big.  I had looked up a few other ways to re-size a t-shirt, but this one looked the easiest (and cute!).  Turns out... it WAS easy.  And cute!  I changed the tutorial a little bit - a used a ribbon instead of a strip of the t-shirt for the neckline and I took in the sides a bit.  Here's the link to the original tutorial: Tee to Tank: A Tutorial by Jen from Upcycled Education

And here are a few before and after pictures:
BEFORE: Too-big t-shirt!

AFTER: Awesome fitted halter-style shirt!

Pair it with a matching tank top for a more modest look...

...or with a hoodie for a cool day like today.
Thinking about what other t-shirts I can do this with...
Also and FYI, I have a ONE-DAY SALE coming up in my Etsy shop this Sunday, April 22nd.  Just enter coupon code "UpcycleEarthDay" to get 10% off your entire order!  Yippee!!


  1. Sarah - so cute! I think you look great in it. how fun :)

  2. That is so fun and adorable! I might have to do that with some of my shirts when my stomach isn't as big as it is now! Very cute!

  3. That hot dog shirt you gave me would be perfect for this! That will be my first one! I should have you coach me sometime!

  4. Thanks! Stacy, that is an excellent idea!! I can't wait to see the hot dog shirt!